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Solving Your Weekly Food Challenge: Ready to Eat Meals, Healthy, Affordable & Delivered to your home

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• Pourquoi choisir CROWD COOKS ?



Combining professional and personal life is a constant race against time. Most of us have longer working days and often feel like we never take the time to... take our time!

Because the daily grind or even our hobbies are a priority, the quality of what we end up eating really suffers as a result. And the same question pretty much bugs parents, athletes or workaholics all day… "What are we eating tonight? I want a quick dish that’s good quality and above all healthy!”

Things we are hearing include:

  • - "I want to enjoy my evening break and spend time with my child...”
    - "I really care about my wellbeing and I don’t want to waste my efforts with bad food…"
  • - "I want to relax after a stressful day!”


Crowd Cooks helps combine professional and personal life…The constant race against the clock will be history!

Crowd Cooks offers a meal delivery service, bringing you ready to eat dishes, made from organic, healthy, and seasonal products.

Thanks to our innovative sous vide cooking technique, Crowd Cooks meals can be stored in the fridge for 5 days and/or frozen. Sous vide is a method of cooking in vacuum bags at controlled temperatures. This technique is ideal: It ensures a longer shelf life because of the long cooking at low temperature but most importantly also maintains the best texture for the ingredients. It also enhances the taste and allows for creative seasoning because of the absence of extreme heat. The result tastes fantastic!

We are pretty sure that on average, Crowd Cooks is going to save you about 45 minutes a day. No need to shop and cook, your healthy meals have already been prepared and are ready to be reheated quickly! The only thing you need to think about is how you’ll use the extra 45 minutes. Spend time with your family, go for your run, read, relax or do whatever it is you want to do!




Co-Founder & Business Manager
David is an entrepreneur and a well-recognized business manager. He is dedicated full time to Crowd Cooks and brings his strategic and organizational skills to the company.


Co-Owner & Food Manager
As an avid cook and foodie, Talina knows what adults and children like to eat. She is committed to healthy cooking as well as making sure everything is well and safely prepared.


Communication Manager

Sofie is a creative thinker inspired by the people and passionate about healthy food. Her background in journalism and culinary studies are a real asset to the company.

Co-Founder & Tech Adviser
As an ICT guru specialised in the development of innovative products and services, Michel advises the team on processes and digital implementation.



We are a genuinely lean start up and our team relies on many partners: 




The Foodtech market is expected to grow to more than 250 billion dollars by 2022 worldwide (Study by "Research and Market"). This market is dynamic and is expected to grow by about 5.8% per year until 2022.