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Frequently Asked Questions


  Who can invest ?

Everybody can invest. To promote a campaign, you can share the information (link) to all your network, even if you're not investing.

  And if I change my mind before the end of the foundraising ?

You can change your mind at any moment, before the end of the foundraising, and take your Investment back.
When the foundraising is shutdown, the investment is fixed.

  Mon investissement est-il garanti ?

Each person invest according to the confidence they have in the managment team to make the company prosper and improve the additional revenues.
The Investment isn't guaranteed, there is a risk of partial or total loss of your Investment, as well as a risk of illiquidity.

  How to invest ?

It's very simple: You book your participationon our website, then pay online. When the fundraising is closing, you fill teh subscription certificate which attest your participation. In this certificate, appear your personnal identifications and the amount of share you're buying.

  Will I receive a certificate of participation?

Yes, the subscription certificate received by e-mail after the closing of the campaign. It's a proof of your Investment.

  What's my purpose as an investor?

As an investor, you will mainly play a moral and Financial status. You will not have to work for the company, and any argumentation to give.
You will frequently receive informations over the actuality and the company progession. Up to you to contact the entrepreneurs to interact and be involve in the company's life.

  What's my benefit?

Invest in a company, that's

- realise a potential benefit when selling your shares, by dividends or the interests if it's in debt

- Joining an entrepreneurial adventure

- Diversifier mes investissements

- Saisir une opportunité unique

  Which value am I bringing to the leadership team?

Invest in a company, that's...

- Support the project of committed entrepreneurs

- Mark my support to them

- Renforcer leur position financière

Why use my network ?

  I don't get a huge network

Don’t think so, we all have a more or less big network. On average 3700 contacts you may not think about! Why ? because your friends, your familly, your co-workers have a network that will be exploited. That's the network of the network's network ! A web exists all around you !

  Why ask my relatives ?

That's the shortest way to get funds and mainly the most relevant, because your network knows and can put you in relation quickly with his network. But it can be long and annoying if you have to do it by yourself. We've simplified it with our Artificial Intelligence that will do the work for you.

  Why professional investors do not come into play ?

Some projects do not fit the criteria defined by investors. This alternative solution, more than helping you saving time, can help you reinforce your own funds and cash and make you more reachable and attractive for those investors for higher tickets.

  Why ask my own clients?

Clients accept to help more easily companies they already know and for which they are faithful. This trust is important.

  Why my network should invest in my project ?

Concerning start-up: Did you know that; friends and family are part of the most active financial investors at the beginning of the start-up. (internet's stats)

Concerning small companies: Persons who invest in unlisted company's capital, at their creation or during their development, benefit from a tax reduction (IR and ISF for France)

Relatives (friends, family, clients, providers, ...) are a precious network to accompany’s CEOs in their different needs (financials, services, ...), they will be sensible to projects of people they know.

  Do I have access to your investors network ?

No, it's only about your personal and professional network.

Financing plan :

  Debt or Equity Financing ?

Both, you decide, and for each situation, you choose your conditions: Duration and interest rate for debt. Valuation of your company in case of Equity.

  When can we fill in the conditions of investment ?

You can fill in the conditions of investment via our platform after having signed the service protocol and pay the handling fees.

  If we choose debt, can we increase this rate later ?

If no one lends at the initial defined rate after two weeks, you'll be allowed to increase in order to bring more investors

  If we choose debt, can we decrease this rate later ?

NO, we decided not to allow it in order to avoid crumpling the first investors that decided to accompany you at this rate.

  What about the Equity, can we lower the valorization?

You can't lower the valorization, but you can do it for two specials cases:

- Before the launch of the campaign

- If no investment has been realized based on the first valorization for at least two weeks.

How it works ?

  How long does the campaign last ?

It's random and it depends on the amount wanted, but most of the time, it's about a month.

  How is it after the launch?

Our intern teams accompany you in the different steps :

-Creation of the campaign and the message to communicate to your network (marketing and commercial team)

-Setting up of technical procedures thanks to the Artificial Intelligence to analyze your network (IT team)

-Management of funding provided by investors (Marketing team)

-Annoncer la bonne nouvelle au client (équipe Ayomi)

  What is your economic model ?

We charge a handling fees of 250 euros HT at the start.

Nous nous rémunérons ensuite au succès : 10% sur la levée de fonds réalisée. Si le montant de la levée est inférieur à 25% du montant initialement prévu et que le client refuse ce montant, AYOMI rembourse les frais de dossier.

  How to manage a multitude of shareholders? How to remain majority ?

AYOMI vous accompagne dans la création d'une holding, une solution idéale pour gérer un grand nombre d'investisseurs tout en vous libérant du temps. n'oubliez pas que ces investisseurs font partie de votre réseau et au-delà de vous apporter leurs soutiens financiers, ils sont aussi là pour vous soutenir. Vous n'aurez pas les mêmes craintes qu'avec des investisseurs traditionnels.

The client determines himself the valorization of his company for the wanted amount, he won't be in a situation of loss of control.

  Will the AI communicate to all my network ?

We highly recommend importing a maximum of contact for the proper functioning of the AI, that will communicate to all your network and make sure to ensure the chances of success.
If you don't want to communicate to one or many persons, you just have to remove them of your network, and give us an excel file with the definitive list.

  Can I access your platform ?

Yes, you can access to your private space where you can see the evolution of the investment process.

  Deadlines on the platform?

Most of the time, you can count on average 1 month to realize a fundraising of 40 000 €

  It takes time to register ?

NO, everything is done with few steps :


-Fill in the information of the company, and the amount of the need

-Sign the contract

-Pay the handling fees

-Choose the type of financing (debt or Equity)

-Import you network

Our team takes care of the rest: we accompany you all along the process

  What append if I don't reach the amount I wanted?

Si le montant de la levée est inférieur à 25% du montant initialement prévu et que le client refuse ce montant, AYOMI rembourse les frais de dossier.

Si le montant est supérieur à 25% du montant initialement prévu et que le client refuse ce montant, Ayomi ne remboursera pas les frais de dossier.

  My need is higher than your maximum amount

For a start-up the maximum of a fund raising is 75 000 €.
For traditional small companies (shops, craftsmen, ...), this amount is limited to 20 000 €.

If the wanted amount is higher than those limits, it will be possible to make a new operation for a new fundraising.

  How does you Artificial Intelligence works?

Our AI developed by our IT team allows us to automate the analysis and the comeback of your network in order to achieve the fundraising. It is based on a fine analysis of thousands of criteria to achieve your goal.

  What do you call network ?

What we call network are your relatives (friends, family, co-workers), plus your professional network (clients, providers, ...), plus the relatives of your relatives (network of your friends, network of your partners, ...) and so on until reaching other levels.

We have an average of 3700 contacts via our network, it is a chance you can take advantage of.

  What append after the payment of the handling fees?

You can :

- Start to import your contacts

- Prepare the design of your campaign

- Choose your financial conditions: durations and interest rate for debt. Valorization of your company for equity.

- Launch your campaign

  Is it mandatory to change the amount on the Business Plan, if our need is more than (75 000 € or 20 000 €), in order not to disturb investors ?

No. We'll simply explain that the amount gotten via our platform (20k or 75k) corresponds to a part of the global need and will allow you to facilitate the access to debt or investment for the rest.

  I'm already in a process of fundraising

Très bien. Avec Ayomi vous avez une occasion supplémentaire d'augmenter vos fonds. Votre process actuel de levée de fonds va encore plus rassurer vos proches pour vous accompagner davantage.
Do not forget that it is you who choose the % de capital que vous allez céder à votre réseau avec la campagne Ayomi.

  I don't want to communicate to so many people, it seems huge to me, I prefer limit it to my relatives

This is a prejudice, because we underestimate other people of our network (co-workers, clients, providers, ...). They can help us for our financial needs, but mainly share the message of the campaign with other people of their own network, and increase the total number of people reach in the campaign, that will be analyzed by our AI.

  7 % de commission Ayomi plus le taux d'intérêt choisi par le client, cela ne risque pas de faire cher pour moi au final ?

• When all costs are accumulated by banks, it represents an important amount

• An overtaking overdraft will be even more expensive

• Unlike banks we do not take your deposit, nor your guarantee and we do not take insurance

• 7 % commission is a remuneration to success. It's a win-win situation.

• Finally, we find you a solution that any other financial partner is unable to bring you. That's what counts.